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I want to play this game on my IPad can it be possible

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Lost items that was saved to my inventory freezes up as well as losing connection after 4 to 5 minutes playing game. Please fix ..I've invested a lot of time and money.
No support for this game, doesn't sync on iPhone from iPad, you have to start all over on iPhone. And I bought a cocaoa machine, a foosball machine, & a popcorn machine and now there boxes which have to be paid for by cafe cash after I used cafe coin what a ripoff. So now they sit there. And the celebrity's don't help open them either. They should be able to be deleted. What a waste. Not to mention support sucks for this game.

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Update game cafeland susah dicari

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Cafeland World Kitchen Hack

I was trying to trade out my counters and when putting 2 counters in inventory it would not allow me to purchase new counters or get my other counters that I earned back out of inventory now I am short 2 counters than anyone else at the same level as myself.
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